The best place on earth?

Yes, Vancouver is pretty.

But “the best place on earth”? I gotta admit this licence plate did nothing to make me fall in love with BC:


Yes, it’s nice, but I don’t think that the “best place on earth” would have the third most unaffordable housing market in the world. It’s great to have mountains and an ocean, it’s great to be pretty, but you can’t drink the ocean or eat the mountains, and nice scenery won’t put a roof over someone’s head.

What amazed us, was simply the cost.

Everything is more expensive. Food, Gas(1.30/litre versus 1.15 in Toronto), and shelter. Shelter is so very expensive. Shockingly expensive.

While we would love to live somewhere new, to explore the west coast of Canada, it’s hard to rationalize the cost, increasing our housing costs from 25% of our income to over 50%, and sacrifice what we have. Here, in our little bungalow, we have 6 playgrounds in a 4km radius of our house, swimming pool, community centre, library, 3 elementary schools, running trails along a ravine, hockey rink, tennis courts.

We don’t have a mountain, but, I don’t ski anyway.


What I’m looking forward to…

It’s that time of year again, early closing Fridays! As of this Friday, Mr. will be working half day Fridays, his company knows how to reward all those long winter days, travelling and preparing for the peak season, by giving their employees half days on every friday from the May 24th holiday weekend until Labour Day weekend. They are a lot like Xmas elves, they work hard all winter long preparing for a hot summer, and when summer hits they are ready and it’s time to relax and enjoy the product.

This weekend I’m looking forward to spending time enjoying these two little people:

And now that our tree stump is removed I plan on Working on planting a new garden out here:


New Garden Space:

So excited for some SUN this weekend!

What do you plan on doing this Victoria Day Weekend?

American readers: Please accept my apologies that you don’t get to experience the glory of the Canadian May 2-4.

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