Training: Week 1

Week one is complete!

Goal was:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 weights 5k swim 5k weights 7K Fast hot yoga


What I did was:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Walk 8k 5K slowrun 5K fast run 4k run/walk Rest 7K Fast 4K run/walk

Very pleased with my 7K run, I ran 10 minutes walked 1 minute and was running at 6:30 min/kilometre which is a good pace for me.

I did a run with a neighbour on Tuesday who is also training for the 10K, but, the use of the word “run” is probably a bit of a stretch, my average heart rate was only 128 and our average speed was 5K per hour which is MUCH MUCH Less than my normal walking pace, sorta awkward though as I really don’t want to run with her again, it’s not even running, its more hoping up and down in one place while slowly moving forward, and I’m not a fast runner at all!

I did 2 run/walks with another neighbour who is training for her first 5k, we ran 90 seconds and walked 90 seconds, and while it’s not really part of my actual training, I don’t mind running with her because when we do the running portion we are running at a normal pace.

So, not sure what I am going to do about neighbour #1, I don’t mind running with her if I run my own pace ahead, but, how do I say that? When ever I go running with my husband he always goes his own pace (faster than me at the beginning then slower at the end)…. Any suggestions?



Toronto Women’s 10K

I did it, registered for the Toronto Women’s 10K on August 27th.

Now, I need a plan.

Week 1 & 2 – M- Weights, T- 5k, W – Swim, T-5K, F- Weights, S-7K , Sun – hot yoga.

Week 3 & 4 – M – Weights, T-5K, W- swim, T-5k, F-rest, S- 8k, Sun – hot yoga

Week 5,  M – Weights, T-5k, W-swim, T-6k, F-rest, S-9k, Sun – Hot yoga

Week 6, M- Weights, T-5K, W-swim, T-7k, F- rest, S-10K, Sun – hot yoga

Week 7, M – weights, T-5k, W-swim, T-8k, F-rest, S – 11k, Sun – hot yoga

Week 8, M – weights, T – 5k, W – swim, T- 8k, F- rest, S-11k, Sun hot yoga


I start the plan on Monday!

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon and 5K

Yesterday I got up early, really early, 5am. Really, I just didn’t sleep on Saturday night.

But it was all for a good cause, I spent yesterday morning volunteering at the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon, sorry no pics, I forgot my camera!

It was absolutely inspirational to see a sea of women running, and has really got me excited about training for August’s 10K ! I’m also seriously considering training for next years Toronto Women’s Half Marathon, but, I want to get to 10K first.

Today I have my follow-up appointment with the surgeon dude that removed my appendix, hopefully he will clear me to return to running and hot yoga (because I started last week anyway!).

Nipping at my legs

As I write this post, my son seems to have discovered the joy of biting me, he keeps trying to sharpen his one tooth on my thigh. I know it’s fatty, stop pointing it out boy!

I finally ran today, the first time in 25 days! I’m hopeful that the gastro is officially left the house and I can get back to my 10K training.

Yes, they are wearing pajamas.

It took me 45 minutes to get two babies and me ready to run and I didn’t want to waste one more minute with new outfits…
especially as I was racing against the clock of the pending thunderstorms.

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