Me no blog.

Im exhausted.

It’s been over a week of part time single parenting. Last Wednesday it was a late night drinking event, so called “work”.

Then he left Friday morning and returned Sunday morning(exhausted from a long weekend of more “work” aka drinking). On Tuesday he left again, this time for actually genuine getting his hands dirty work. He’s taking the red eye home and will arrive Friday morning, but he will be “tired” and need to nap.

So far I have slept 2 hours since Tuesday. No kidding, and not in a row. They hate it when he travels and protest all night long, until they pass out, then the other wakes up to take over protesting.

I Know I could easily handle one baby, because they both do eventually sleep, but, if they don’t sleep at the same time… Then I don’t sleep.
I’m now waiting it out for nap time, gotta make sure I get it right today, yesterday, they didn’t nap at the same time.

Somebody pass the coffee.


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  1. St. Elsewhere
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 02:37:15

    It sure sounds exhausting.

    Hope you have recovered on your sleep since that day.


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