More work contemplations

I think a lot about what I want my next job to be. My next step in life. I am loving being a SAHM (no I don’t just watch Opera all day and eat bonbons), but, I also think it’s important for children to grow up seeing their mom as an independent person with a life outside of the house (for them, and for me).

I am a realist. I know they are here in our lives for a short time, When they turn 18 they may just leave and move away, and our lives can not be just living for them.

I searched for a picture of me when I worked for the Celebrity diva. I worked for her for 6.5 long months and there are only a few pictures of a drive we took back east for Xmas. That’s all.

Here I am only 4 weeks into the job, and I had already received 4 crazy phone calls that day (on my personal cell phone) about a box of wine that was supposed to be delivered that day to her friend in Europe (that she only remembered to have me order on Xmas eve).

And one and the husband relaxing with the in-laws puppy (after the box of wine crisis was averted):


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