This has been kicking around on a few blogs…

A. Age: 32
B. Bed Size: Queen, it’s way too small for how many people we now fit in the bed(2 adults, 10 month old twins and an Aussie Sheppard). But, my husband made the frame, headboard and footboard, and I love them, I love the stories that are behind the bed, I love the romantic gesture.

C. Chore I dislike: Hmmm. Cleaning the cloth diapers I think tops the list, I only do it when Mr travels.
D. Dog: our delightful Aussie Sheppard! She’s 6 years old and has adjusted so well to life with babies.

E. Essential Start of The Day: just one? How about sleeping for at least 4 hours before waking, being an insomniac and a mom of twin babies has made my serious sleep issues, much more serious. Besides sleep, coffee and overnight oats(I get so cranky now without my overnight oats- made with almond milk- I tried cows milk and it was so greasy and gross!).
F. Favorite colour: in general purple, to wear brown with turquoise or orange.
G.Gold or silver: well platinum, silver, white gold in that order. Never ever ever yellow gold!
H. Height:5’6″, unless you ask my husband then I must be at least 5’7″ in order for him to be 5’8″.
I. Instruments you play(ed): piano and classical guitar, neither very well.
J. Job Title: Director of Operations(home). Aka stay at home mom. Former jobs, executive assistant, personal assistant(slave!), television assistant, media librarian, nature interpreter, Mountie for a summer, recruitment assistant, to name a few. Mostly in tv, but a long year and a half working for evil doctors.
K. Kids: monkey and giraffe, 10 month old boy/ girl twins.

L.Live: ah, a 1950s totally renoed post war bungalow, in my favorite city.
M. Moms name: Geraldine
N. Nick names: duck, d.
O. Overnight hospital stays(in chronological order), tonsillectomy at age 10(2 nights) laparotomy for endometriosis at age 21(2 nights) giant ass leaking cyst at age 30, (3 nights), infection from ivf at age 31(3 nights), removal of ovary because of evil cyst and big ol’ infection from ivf at age 31 (10 nights- yeah, things went badly that time).
P. Pet peeves: excessive gift giving of crap at Xmas(makes me depressed), people who complain about something and never take action to FIX IT, people who are not grateful for their children, telemarketers, people who shove their religion down my throat, racists, bigots, and my mother.
Q. Quote from a movie: well that would take brain power to remember so I don’t have one.
R. Righty or Lefty: right.
S. Siblings: one sister(older), lives out east.
T.Time you wake up: Every time a babies cry(2am, 4am,6 am), and the dog whines(all the time), my actually our of bed time is dictated by the babes, most days 8ish.
U. Underwear: wear them every day.
V.Vegetables I don’t like: I love veggies,some are gross canned veggies(except tomatoes) , frozen veggies (except corn, green peas), I like the veg part but find that I like it fresh. I actually had no idea how much I loved veggies until I became an adult and discovered that veggies don’t have to be frozen, canned and boiled into submission.
W.What makes me run late: not much, I am on time to a point of insanity. Maybe traffic.
X. X-rays: wrist, chest, back, pelvis, hip, arm.
Y.yummy food that I make: it’s all good!
Z. Zoo animals: primates! Chimps, monkeys, gorillas! I wanted(still want to be) Jane Goodall.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mickiruns
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 22:18:42

    I LOVE your bedframe!! So creative!

    I wish our kids could magically start sleeping through the night. It would be amazing.

    PS – I used to want to be Jane Goodall, too! I was “her” in an elementary school research project. 🙂


    • lovecupcakesandrunning
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 14:16:28

      Thanks! It was a slow evolution, started with just the headboard and over 5 years developed into what it is today, my husband says he wants to die in that bed, which for some reason i find utterly romantic!


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