The best place on earth?

Yes, Vancouver is pretty.

But “the best place on earth”? I gotta admit this licence plate did nothing to make me fall in love with BC:


Yes, it’s nice, but I don’t think that the “best place on earth” would have the third most unaffordable housing market in the world. It’s great to have mountains and an ocean, it’s great to be pretty, but you can’t drink the ocean or eat the mountains, and nice scenery won’t put a roof over someone’s head.

What amazed us, was simply the cost.

Everything is more expensive. Food, Gas(1.30/litre versus 1.15 in Toronto), and shelter. Shelter is so very expensive. Shockingly expensive.

While we would love to live somewhere new, to explore the west coast of Canada, it’s hard to rationalize the cost, increasing our housing costs from 25% of our income to over 50%, and sacrifice what we have. Here, in our little bungalow, we have 6 playgrounds in a 4km radius of our house, swimming pool, community centre, library, 3 elementary schools, running trails along a ravine, hockey rink, tennis courts.

We don’t have a mountain, but, I don’t ski anyway.

Vancouver bound

This weekend we are taking the whole show on the road to Vancouver.
We have one weekend to check out the city, and the ‘burbs and make the final decision.

Anyone have recommendations of where to look?


Sorry dear blog, you have been sadly neglected.

I have been busy.

Mostly with running and living.

And with all this up in the air Vancouver business hanging over us I have been waiting, and waiting.

More new soon, it was my birthday today, so I have new running shoes! Review to follow.

Toronto Women’s 10K

I did it!

My first 10K race went mostly well, I had a strong pace for the first 5k, then my heart rate monitor went wonky (my heart rate was at my usual 148-158 range than dropped to under 100). And I still don’t really know if my heart actually slowed down or if it was my monitor – but my money is on the monitor… It did freak me out though so I slowed down my pace.

My time was 64 minutes, I really wanted to crack 60 minutes, but, given that my quickest time before the race was 1:12, I was super happy.


(Anyone know a sports bra that has some sorta super nipple hider?)

New Goal – Half marathon!

Yes, I haven’t run my first 10K yet (in just 24 days I will), but  I have already set my next goal, half marathon!

Now, just waiting to hear if we have to leave Toronto, we won’t know until late August at the earliest, but the move will be swift if it does happen, anyone want to convince me that Vancouver will be kind to our little family?

Been quiet.

I know I’ve been quite.
Mostly it’s the sun, can’t bear to spend precious summer moments inside attempting to write something smart and witty.

I’m on track with the 10k training, getting 4-5 runs in per week including a long run, now up to 13k.

Mostly I have been enjoying Toronto, there is a possibility, a real solid possibility That we may have to move. Again.
After the hell known as living in Montreal I’m terrified of moving again, sure Vancouver is English speaking canada but building a new life, again? Packing up again, moving for Mr’s work again…. I’m not Impressed. This will be the fifth move in 11 years with this company, seems a bit much to me.
At least I can still run in Vancouver.

Hit the floor (10K training: Week 4)

Ah week 4. It’s been stinkin’ hot here with smog advisories (gross!)

But I did my runs.

Running goals for the week were 5k, 5k and an 8K, I did  6.5K, 6k and 8.5K.

Glad that I’m hitting the running goals, but sad that I’m still not making the swimming or yoga! I have been walking 5K on those days instead, but, I really think I would feel better if I got some more cross training in.


And this is what I looked like after the 8.5K

Yes that is the bathroom floor.

About two hours after my run I felt overwhelmingly HOT(and weak and nauseous) and the coldest place in the house is the bathroom floor. So that is where I collapsed. Mr. brought me a bag of frozen corn which I put on my neck for 10 minutes. Once I cooled down and ate supper I felt fine, but boy did I suffer for a little while.


10K training, week 3

Ah week 3. Well my parents visited week 3, I love my Dad, but me and my Mom do not get along. At. All. It’s a long tired story, but the short of it is we had many an argument, I am apparently “mean” because I won’t let her do what ever she wants with my children. They are mine, not hers. I could have an entire blog dedicated to our disfunction!



But, I did get some runs in, wasn’t perfect, but it happened:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6K walk rest 7.8K fast 5k run/walk 5.8K fast rest 5.5k run/walk

    Me Post Visit – Can you see those extra wrinkles!!

10K Training, Week 2

Week 2 is done! I stuck a bit more to my goals, but, subbed in pilates for hot yoga.


weights 5k swim 5k hot yoga 7K Fast 4k run/walk



shred it w/ weights 5K fast, 4k slow rest 5k slow pilates 7.8k Fast & hot 4K run/walk


I ran my long run at noon time in 30 degree plus humidity, it was HOT, and I really need a better way to stay hydrated(I ran loops around my hood and returned to drink water from the glass I left on my door step), any suggestions?


On Friday I went out for a friends birthday, look no yoga pants!

Training: Week 1

Week one is complete!

Goal was:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 weights 5k swim 5k weights 7K Fast hot yoga


What I did was:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Walk 8k 5K slowrun 5K fast run 4k run/walk Rest 7K Fast 4K run/walk

Very pleased with my 7K run, I ran 10 minutes walked 1 minute and was running at 6:30 min/kilometre which is a good pace for me.

I did a run with a neighbour on Tuesday who is also training for the 10K, but, the use of the word “run” is probably a bit of a stretch, my average heart rate was only 128 and our average speed was 5K per hour which is MUCH MUCH Less than my normal walking pace, sorta awkward though as I really don’t want to run with her again, it’s not even running, its more hoping up and down in one place while slowly moving forward, and I’m not a fast runner at all!

I did 2 run/walks with another neighbour who is training for her first 5k, we ran 90 seconds and walked 90 seconds, and while it’s not really part of my actual training, I don’t mind running with her because when we do the running portion we are running at a normal pace.

So, not sure what I am going to do about neighbour #1, I don’t mind running with her if I run my own pace ahead, but, how do I say that? When ever I go running with my husband he always goes his own pace (faster than me at the beginning then slower at the end)…. Any suggestions?


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